Dec 22

Eat Your Breakfast

Eat your Breakfast!

The so-called most important meal of the day is also the most skipped meal of the day.  Is that such a dietary crime?  Yes!  Your mother knew what she was doing when she nagged you to eat your breakfast.  Here are some of the reasons why!

  1. Eating breakfast will make you smarter.  Study after study has shown that eating breakfast improves concentration in both kids and adults.  That doesn’t make everyone ready to perform brain surgery, but a healthy breakfast will increase mental performance.
  2. Eating a healthy breakfast will help you meet your fitness goals.  People who skip breakfast tend to not be as successful with weight management as those who regularly eat a morning meal.  The false thinking is that skipping breakfast will save calories. Skipping meals leads to gorging later and overcompensating for the missed meal.  Eating breakfast will also help jump start a more revved-up metabolism.
  3. Make time to eat breakfast.  Not having enough time to eat in the rushed morning hours is the biggest reason people give for skipping Breakfast.  Breakfast doesn’t need to be time consuming or complicated.  Try grabbing some of these healthy food items that don’t require a huge hunk of time to eat; a piece of low-fat cheese and some fruit, left-over chicken wrapped in a piece of lettuce, or a bowl of whole grain cereal or toast.
  4. Not hungry in the morning?  You should be.  Many people don’t feel hungry in the morning because they eat too much, too late in the evening.  To fix this cut back on portions at dinner time and abstain from night-time snacking.