Female Warrior Quick Start Guide

The Warrior
Body Shape:
Generally chesty with more upper body mass

Excess Body Fat:
Stomach or chest

Food Cravings:
Salty fats or starches

Famous People That Appear to be W-types:
Zena-Warrior Princess, Rachael Welch, Kirsti Alley, Bette Midler, Tom Selleck, Karl Malone, Garth Brooks

Warriors tend to be the brave, pragmatic, task-oriented, assertive and/or adventurous types. Balanced Warriors just make things happen as the action-oriented “doers” of the world. Warriors tend to also have strong-steady energy levels and engaging personalities.

The best wellness theme for you is to emphasize exercise more than diet. Diet-wise you must control your strong appetite and “heavy food” cravings. Warriors thrive on a plant-food based theme, with a smaller breakfast and lunch, followed by a more substantial dinner. Certain supplements and teas are essential to decrease your strong appetite and fatty food preferences.

Meeting the specific needs of your genetic type keeps you feeling satisfied nutritionally and also gets you the exercise high from your workouts!

For the specific details to unlock your body code, purchase your QUICK-START GUIDE now.

Here is what you get in the Quick-Start program:

1. A description of your body type
2. A description of your personality type
3. Your specific “how to” exercise principles
4. Your personalized Warrior type nutritional outline
5. Your three best choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner
6. The specific trigger foods that cause you to over-eat
7. The herbs and supplements that decrease your food cravings
8. Twenty famous high achievers that are your same foundation type.

All of this is included in your personalized four-page wellness plan so join the millions of successful people who have used these life-changing principles to be set free from low energy, excess body fat and poor health once and for all.

Price: $9.99