Female Nurturer Quick Start Guide

The Nurturer
Body Shape:
Generally curvy with more lower body mass

Excess Body Fat:
Tush or saddlebags

Food Cravings:
Creamy or spicy starches

Famous People That Appear to be N-types:
Goldie Hawn, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Alicia Silverstone, Jodie Foster, Jennifer Lopez

Of the four possible types, Nurturers are generally the most social and compassionate of all. Your type tends to be the selfless relationship builders of the world that thrive on making others feel comfortable.

For your genetic type to be trim exercise is much more effective than diet! Unlike some other types, Nurturer-types cannot just diet themselves to vibrant health, exercise is absolutely essential for long-term success. Make your fitness activities fun and social or you will not succeed.

For the specific details to unlock your body code, purchase your QUICK-START GUIDE now.

Here is what you get in the Quick-start program:

1. A description of your body code-body type
2. A description of your personality type
3. Your specific “how to” exercise principles
4. Your personalized NURTURER type nutrition theme
5. Your three best choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner
6. The specific trigger foods that cause you to over-eat
7. The herbs and supplements that cut your PM food cravings
8. Twenty famous high achievers that are your same foundation type.

All of this is included in your personalized four-page wellness plan so join the millions of successful people who have used these life-changing principles to be set free from low energy, excess body fat and poor health once and for all.

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