Male Visionary

Male Visionary

The Visionary
Body Shape:
Youthful looking with a larger head

Excess Body Fat:
The pooch area

Food Cravings:
Flour or dairy products

Famous People That Appear to be V-types:
Calista Flockhart, Twiggy, Rosie O’Donnel, Gweneth Paltro, Barbara Walters, Kate Moss, Tom Hanks, Dick Clark, John Travolta

Of the three possible types, Visionaries are usually the more reserved, youthful looking, cerebral types that tend to be mentally rather than physically oriented. To have real passion for life and a sleek physique, Visionaries must stay intellectually active.

Visionaries need a wellness theme that emphasizes diet more than exercise. Your ideal diet is an Asian style theme. Regarding exercise, Visionaries need the least amount of cardiovascular training, but the cardio training must be at a “type specific” intensity level in order to get the exercise high. Visionaries usually prefer to exercise alone to be able to think, study or just “zone out”.

Meeting the specific needs of your genetic type will eliminate your sweet food cravings and get you the exercise high when you workout.

For the specific details to unlock your body code, take the quiz and download your QUICK-START GUIDE now. Click Here

Here is what you get in the Quick-start program:

1. A description of your body type
2. A description of your personality type
3. Your specific “how to” exercise principles
4. Your personalized Visionary type nutrition theme
5. Your three best choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner
6. The specific trigger foods that cause you to over-eat
7. The herbs and supplements that decrease your sweet food cravings
8. Twenty famous high achievers that are your same foundation type.

All of this is included in your personalized four-page wellness plan so join the millions of successful people who have used these life-changing principles to be set free from low energy, excess body fat and poor health once and for all.

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