Female Communicator

The Communicator
Body Shape:
Bony, Long Limbed, sleek looking

Excess Body Fat:
The spare tire area

Food Cravings:
Sugars, flour, or caffeine

Famous People That Appear to be C-types:
Julia Roberts, Candice Bergan, Whitney Houston, Cher, Cathy Lee Gifford, Michael Jordan, Howard Stern, Ted Danson

Of the four possible types, Communicators are the hourglass shaped, verbal, information processors of the world. Balanced C-types are the sleek, lanky, bony looking types. Out of balance you suffer from energy swings, sugar cravings and will eventually gain body fat around your mid section and upper legs.  

The best wellness theme for your type is to emphasize diet more so than exercise. You need cardiovascular type exercise at a very “type-specific” intensity level to cause the exercise high.

Meeting the specific needs of your human genetic type keeps you satisfied nutritionally and also gives you the exercise high when you workout!

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Here is what you get in the Quick-Start Guide:

1. A description of your body code-body type
2. A description of your personality type
3. Your specific “how to” exercise principles
4. Your personalized COMMUNICATOR type nutritional outline
5. Your three best choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner
6. The specific trigger foods that cause you to over-eat
7. The herbs and supplements that decrease your food cravings
8. Twenty famous high achievers that are your same foundation type.

All of this is included in your personalized four-page wellness plan so join the millions of successful people who have used these life-changing principles to be set free from low energy, excess body fat and poor health once and for all.

2 thoughts on “Female Communicator

  1. Hi – is there any chance to get a german translation of the female communicator type?
    I know the program for years but thin that some advises have changed during the last years ?!
    Thank you for sending my an answer 🙂
    Kind regards, Martina

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