Beat Your Genes

Beat your genes!

Many people, especially women, believe that their genetics are their destiny.  The belief is that if you come from thin stock, you will be thin.  If your mother and grandmother were overweight you are destined to follow.  But is that necessarily true?  Thankfully a healthful lifestyle can help almost anyone overcome obesity and the health problems which usually come hand in hand with being overweight.  Don’t just sit back and settle for a body you are uncomfortable in because you don’t think you can do anything about it!  Empower yourself with the knowledge of a healthy lifestyle and then take action to help you beat your genes!

In some cases of genetic coding, a person is destined to have trouble with their weight. More often than not, it is the combination of genetic coding and the person’s behavior or environment which contribute to the overweight condition (such as abundant food supply and/or little physical activity.)   Take a moment to do a truthful self evaluation of the things you are doing that are healthy and the things you are (or aren’t) doing that are making a negative impact on your overall state of health.

Families share diet and lifestyle habits that may contribute to obesity.  What type of foods you were raised on?   How active have you been through-out your life?  What changes can you make to get you to your optimal weight and fitness level?

Be aware of health complications that run in your family (i.e. heart conditions, diabetes, kidney problems, etc.).  Take action now to prevent those diseases from becoming a part of your life. Sometimes disease prevention is the best motivator for doing all those things we know we should be doing.  Determine to lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise not only for the changes that will occur in your outward appearance, but especially for the benefits your body will gain on the inside.

Regardless of your genetic make-up and/or past health habits, you can take control of your lifestyle habits now.  By taking care of your health you will look and feel your best.  Not only will your health have improved, you will truely enjoy the change in your way of life!

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