About Jay Cooper

  • Director of Wellness at Green Valley Spa-since 1993
  • Nutritionist- Masters Degree (1978)
  • Author of The Body Code (1999 Simon-Schuster)
  • 24 year resident of St. George, Utah

Wellness Educator Jay Cooper is one of America’s truly time-tested wellness authorities. He is former General Manager of National Institute Of Fitness and currently Director of Wellness at the renowned Green Valley Spa in St. George, Utah.

During his 24-year career, Jay has traveled the globe with his wellness message. He has served over one hundred thousand clients from celebrities and professional athletes to traditional clients.

Formerly obese at 5’9” 242 lbs., he overcame his personal battle with obesity, attaining a Masters Degree in Nutrition, a worldwide following of successful clients, and a reputation as an effective lifestyle coach along the way.

Cooper’s “Genetic-type” weight loss and wellness principles have been featured on national television, radio and in numerous prominent publications including: The New York Times, The LA Times, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, Time Magazine, Healthy Living, Walking Magazine, Shape, Fit, Self Woman’s World, Elle, Woman’s Health and Fitness, and Conde Naste.

As a disciple of the late Dr. William Sheldon of Harvard, and also a student of traditional Ayurveda, Jay is a “Human Typologist” (one who studies the relationship between constitutional type and lifestyle). His approach to wellness is based upon the Constitutional Type Theory which says there are four different Human types and that everyone has a genetic foundation rooted predominantly in one type. Like eye color, blood type and skin pigment, many of our fundamental characteristics are woven into the DNA helix and unchangeable. His Wellness programs acknowledge that all humans are not the same. “How we each respond to diet and exercise is programmed into our genetic makeup,” says Cooper. “Each of the four different human types respond predictably to external stimuli, according to this genetic code.” His approach features four separate and unique wellness programs, designed to fit the individual’s physique-type, metabolic-type and constitutional-type.

According to Cooper, “There is no such thing as one diet or exercise plan that is ideal for all human types, best results come from honoring specific principles that govern constitutional type.” The “type-specific” influences that regulate appetite, balance metabolism, prevent premature aging, and access the exercise high are available today in The Body Code.

More related information 

Former General Manager-The National Institute Of Fitness
Former Certified Personal Trainer
Founder of World of Wellness-Fitness Center
Former General Manager (Nautilus Fitness Center)
Marathon Runner (24 to date and counting)
Competitive Endurance Cyclist
Former Amateur Body Builder and Tri-athlete
Former Aerobics Instructor
Formerly obese- 242 lbs.
Cancer survivor (1990 bout)
Native American Indian (Registered Cherokee)